Myths & Facts
Sorting fact from fiction about food…
Myth- Skipping meals will help us lose weight.

Fact: When we skip a meal, our body’s metabolism tends to slow down to compensate for the lack of energy (food). Bodies with slower metabolisms burn fewer calories. In addition, those who skip meals tend to eat more at the next meal which results in consumption of more calories. For good health, it is always better to eat regular three major meals (portion control) with small snacks between meals.

Myth- Multi-Grain Breads are Healthier than White Breads

Fact: Multi-grain may sound healthy but it is misleading. As food companies use various refined grains to create some multi-grain breads which means filtering out the key nutrients (bran) in the process, same as what happens during the manufacturing of white breads. So, multi-grain bread is not better than white bread in case of calories.


Fact: Don’t panic, we don’t have to give up on everything we like. Once a while, small amounts of our favourite high-calorie foods can be a part of our weight-loss plan depending upon the individual body needs. To keep a track of the total calories is a must. Just remember to burn more calories than calorie intake.

Myth- Diet Soda is Better Than Regular Soda
Myth- You should avoid all fats if you’re trying to be healthy or lose weight.

Fact: At first glance, it seems a better alternative but the fact is, it has more hidden calories and harmful ingredients than one may think. The artificial sweetener (supplement of sugar) present in Diet soda can actually make you crave more sugar as (real ingredient is not been ingested), so actually we end up consuming more calories. If that isn’t bad enough, those who drink diet soda regularly are more likely to have lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes & heart diseases (attack or stroke). It’s best to avoid both.

Fact: Certainly, fats have more calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates, or “carbs,” so we need to limit them to avoid extra calories. But, fat provides essential nutrients and plays an important role in healthy eating plan. So, choosing foods with small amounts of healthy fats, such as lean meats, nuts etc. over saturated fat are the best way to consume them.