My Approach

Right knowledge and consistency would be the key to management

Food being a subject close to everyone’s heart (& stomach). I aim to untangle the facts from fiction. No ‘so called’ magic diets, fad diets, deprivation, pills or detoxes. No matter what your lifestyle is, just incorporation of practical approaches to reach the goals. ‘Healthy eating is a way of life’. Therefore, my way would be to establish routines that are simple, realistic & ultimately liveable.

It would be a joint effort, in your wellness journey. No instant solution as most people fail to continue because that’s not their lifestyle.

Our Fitness Regimen To focus on a healthy lifestyle by:

  • Diet counselling- customized nutrition charts based upon individual's need that is easy to prepare back home
  • No unrealistic goals
  • Exercise awareness to maximize the quality of life
  • Regular follow ups with close monitoring of the developments
  • Regular feed backs